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Upcoming Meeting Calendar

ESPRAS provides an overview on upcoming meetings in Plastic Surgery in Europe. Please send the information to your congress or meeting to:


Meeting Date Location Link
9th International Breast Surgery Workshop and 5th World Consensus Conference on BIA-ALCL April 19th-20th Rome, Italy Click to view
EFSM Euromicro Meeting May 9th-11th Milan Italy Click to view
Scandinavian Society Meeting SCAPLAS June 12th-14th Helsinki, Finland Click to view
10th Anniversary of London Breast Meeting September 4th-6th London UK Click to view
ESAPS Biennial Meeting September 12th-15th Göteborg, Sweden Click to view
ESPRAS “A Day in Sarajevo” at BAFPRAS Meeting September 20th Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina Click to view
154th German Society Meeting DGPRÄC 3rd-5th October Düsseldorf Germany Click to view
ESPRAS “A Day in Paris” at SOFCPRE Meeting November 22nd Paris, France Click to view


Meeting Date Location Link
European Burns Association Congress September 3rd-6th 2025 Berlin Germany Click to view
55th German Society Meeting DGPRÄC 25th-27th September 2025 Leipzig, Germany Click to view


Meeting Date Location Link
ESPRAS Quadrennial Congress September 3rd-5th 2026 Bern, Switzerland Click to view

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